Just Hook & Roll!

  • KegMobil is the safe and efficient solution that makes moving heavy kegs around your premises simple.

    With KegMobil you make your bar, restaurant, pub or club a safer workplace.

    KegMobil is purpose-built for moving beer kegs and is manufactured in Preston, Melbourne, Australia. Simply hook the beer keg on the KegMobil trolley and away you go. The ergonomically designed handle takes away all stress and strain on your back, allowing you to move beer kegs with just one hand.

    KegMobil is the easiest and safest way to move beer kegs – be it around the cellar, in the bar, through tight spaces or just across the street.

    See for yourself what the hospitality industry across the world is discovering; KegMobil is the ultimate safe and versatile beer keg transporting vehicle.

    Hook on to KegMobil, purpose-built for moving beer kegs easily, safely and efficiently.

KegMobil Benefits

  • Saves your back

    Fits any 50 litre size beer keg

    OH&S accredited

    Australian Made

    12 month manufacturing warranty